Chief Executive Officer

Zhao Changpeng is the founder of Binance and in just 180 days, he went from the CEO of a start-up, to CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. He is a 41 year old Chinese/Canadian coder who spent his youth flipping burgers before studying at McGill University Montreal. He then spent time in Tokyo and New York, first building systems for matching trade orders, then developing software for Bloomberg's futures trading on Wall Street. In 2005 he quit his high flying role and moved to Shanghai to start Fusion Systems. It was there that he learnt about Bitcoin before joining as the Head of Technology. Then, when the ICO boom began, he decided to launch Binance and raised a total of 15 million dollars in the token sale. Binance has become the most popular and the largest trading volume exchange in the world with supporting 148 coins and 328 trading pairs.