Founder and CEO
Qtum Foundation

Founder and CEO of the Qtum Foundation, Forbes China’s 30 under 30 (2017).

Patrick discovered blockchain technology while researching for his Ph.D. in Communications and Information Systems at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012. As a hero member of Bitcointalk, Patrick has more than 10,000 posts on this world leading forum. Meanwhile, his development manual <Build your own blockchain from 0 to 1> also attracted over 10,000 page views, made him one of the earliest and the most esteemed pioneers of blockchain technology in China.

Patrick is most renown for his work as the Founder of Qtum, one of the leading blockchain platforms in Asia. At its core, Qtum combines the advantages of the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The proof-of-stake consensus protocol of Qtum aims at tackling industry use cases more efficiently. Qtum's team is bringing smart contracts technology to connected devices, which will bridge the still-existing gap between blockchain and the business world. This development strategy will also widely improve the commercialization of blockchain technology and its practicality. 

As one of the most famous blockchain experts, Patrick has been interviewed by many world-class media outlets, such as the NASDAQ, CGTN, CNBC, CBN, People’s Daily & TechCrunch. Patrick is an assiduous blockchain evangelist, who loves to share his thoughts about the industry from his professional angle, analyze the trends and the potential opportunities. He selflessly shares his specialized knowledge and experience to the students all over. As a role model of young people, Patrick was also recognized and rewarded as the ‘Youth Innovation Leader’ by the Voices of Future, APEC China.