Founder and CEO

Genki Oda is founder and CEO of BITPoint. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor in Japan.

At university, he founded his first venture company and sold-off in 2 years. After the exit, he started the investment for the venture companies and social entrepreneurs for more than 10 years.

From 2012, he joined Remixpoint which is a listed company and appointed to the CEO. Remixpoint invest and development the business in the market of the deregulation. In 2016, Japanese government changed the law of the crypto and he founded BITPoint as a subsidiary of Remixpoint.

BITPoint is the first licensed crypto company in Japan. The motto is Safety and Security. The security level is as the same quality as the security companies in Japan, no hacked and no server down.

The BITPoint group is now operating not only in Japan, but also in Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taipei, Singapore.

The BITPoint group have the trading system to change the crypto to Fiat and the customer can get the local Fiat. We are now planning to grow the global network and make a bridge of the crypto-Fiat network globally.