Forbes Asia Forum:
Decrypting Blockchain for Business


While Bitcoin and its digital brethren have garnered the world’s attention, the more important story is blockchain - the transaction ledger underlying cryptocurrencies. Even as some cryptos remain enigmatic, blockchain has near-unanimous support to disrupt nearly any business worldwide - with some calling it the most important new technology since the Internet itself. Serious money and resources are now deployed into reshaping how the global community does business - and those who can master blockchain’s potential stand to reap huge competitive advantages and profits.


The inaugural Forbes Asia Forum: Decrypting Blockchain For Business will bring together blockchain thought leaders and crypto evangelists with Asia’s most important families, entrepreneurs and investors to explore this technology’s disruptive power.


  • Dr. Janil Puthucheary
    Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Transport
  • Zhao Changpeng
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Matthew Roszak
    Cofounder & Chairman
  • Bobby Lee
    Cofounder, BTCC
    Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Mai Fujimoto
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gracone Inc
  • Anderson Tanoto
  • Olga Feldmeier
    Chief Executive Officer
    Smart Valor
  • Steve Leonard
    Founding Chief Executive Officer
  • Angelina Kwan
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Phil Yuen
    Chief Executive Officer, Passport
    Chief Technology Officer, Head of Special Projects, Tink Labs Ltd
  • Remington Ong
    Fenbushi Capital
  • Greg Li
    Head of Asia Pacific
  • Tinku Gupta
    Executive Vice President
  • Dave Chapman
    Executive Chairman
  • Lon Wong
    CEO and Cofounder
  • Jehan Chu
    Cofounder and Managing Partner
  • Edward Lee
    LINE Tech Plus
  • Patrick Dai
    Founder and CEO
    Qtum Foundation
  • Julian Hosp
    Cofounder and President
  • Loi Luu
    Cofounder and CEO
    Kyber Network
  • Genki Oda
    Founder and CEO
  • Alex Dreyfus
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Justin Doebele
    Executive Director - Content
    Forbes Asia
  • Michael del Castillo
    Staff Writer
  • Pamela Ambler
    Senior Reporter
    Forbes Asia
  • Rana Wehbe
    Senior Editor-Special Projects
    Forbes Asia


Venue: Grand Ballroom, The Fullerton Hotel


Registration and standing networking reception


Guests to be seated


Welcome remarks:  

Pamela Ambler, Senior Reporter, Forbes Asia
Phil Yuen, Chief Executive Officer, Passport, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Special Projects, Tink Labs Ltd


Lunch and Session I

In Conversation with Dr. Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Transport

Moderated by Justin Doebele, Executive Director - Content, Forbes Asia


Session II: The State of Blockchain

The World Economic Forum estimates the equivalent of 10% of global GDP will be stored in some form of blockchain within a decade. An overview on the decentralized technology and the digital Darwinism taking shape today.

Confirmed speaker
Matthew Roszak, Cofounder and Chairman, Bloq


Session III: Once on the Block, Forever on the Chain

Business leaders examine unprecedented opportunities across industries and regions. Existing real-world applications, emerging developments and potential applications of the future.

Moderated by: Rana Wehbe, Senior Editor-Special Projects, Forbes Asia

Confirmed speakers
Anderson Tanoto, Director, RGE
Lon Wong, CEO and Cofounder, ProximaX


Session IV: Cryptocurrency – Blockchain’s First Smash Hit

Leading world-class entrepreneurs on scaling decentralized applications.

Confirmed speaker
Bobby Lee, Cofounder, BTCC, Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation


Session V: The Token Economy

Understanding how blockchain is transforming business transactions. Explore tokenized loyalty in the new world order.

Moderated by: Pamela Ambler, Senior Reporter, Forbes Asia

Confirmed speakers
Alex Dreyfus, Chief Executive Officer,
Olga Feldmeier, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Valor
Tinku Gupta, Executive Vice President, SGX
Julian Hosp, Cofounder and President, TenX


Session VI: Funding Models - ICO, IPO, STO - Which One Is Right For You

Some blockchain projects look to coin offerings to build an ecosystem, while others have the audacity for public markets. How are ICOs structured for accredited investors and the non-parallels between the two. How are security tokens structured for accredited investors?

Moderated by: Michael del Castillo, Staff Writer, Forbes

Confirmed speakers
Patrick Dai, Founder and CEO, Qtum Foundation
Mai Fujimoto, Chief Executive Officer, Gracone Inc
Greg Li, Head of Asia Pacific, Bitfury
Loi Luu, Cofounder and CEO, Kyber Network


Session VII: Big Bucks in Blockchain

Smart investors are committing vast pools of capital for blockchain projects. Those on the frontline uncover the risks and potential profits within this emerging technology.

Moderated by: Pamela Ambler, Senior Reporter, Forbes Asia

Confirmed speakers
Jehan Chu, Cofounder and Managing Partner, Kenetic
Steve Leonard, Founding Chief Executive Officer, SGInnovate
Remington Ong, Partner, Fenbushi Capital


Session VIII: Blockchain Unlimited

Market makers and the impending future of digital asset exchanges built for security and speed.

Moderated by: Michael del Castillo, Staff Writer, Forbes

Confirmed speakers
Dave Chapman, Executive Chairman, OSL
Angelina Kwan, Chief Operating Officer, BitMEX
Edward Lee, Director, LINE Tech Plus
Genki Oda, Founder and CEO, BITPoint


Session IX: The Future Of Digital Assets

A decade after bitcoin's white paper was published, the crypto currency saw unprecedented growth and volatility. New economies have been created and governments are rewriting legislation to address the ascent of this new asset class. What does the next 10 years hold for crypto and blockchain?

Moderated by: Pamela Ambler, Senior Reporter, Forbes Asia

Confirmed speaker
Zhao Changpeng, Chief Executive Officer, Binance


Closing Remarks


Speakers Group Photo

17:00 - 19:00

Networking Reception

Venue: Post Bar at The Fullerton Hotel (Lobby level)




Grand Ballroom (Lower lobby)
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
​1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178